Unveiling The Spirit Of Python
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Due to an overwhelming request for help, Paula Cross is currently building a deliverance program that was intended to be ready by 2018 but now should be before summer 2019. The program will provide ample teaching, check-point emails, prayer & eventually deliverance webinars. If you'd like to be notified when the program is launched, please 

About Us
           Paula Cross has been a believer and follower of Jesus Christ since 1988.   Despite what Jesus told her  in the second half John 10:10, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full", this was not Paula's experience.  The only thing her life was full of was  dark interference, injustice, misfortune, setbacks, and defeat at every turn! It is true that in this life we will have troubles. But there is a difference between troubles and dark kingdom oppression.  For years on end, while doing her best to live the Christian life, she couldn't understand where God and HIS power were.  She KNEW God's word wasn't a lie.  She KNEW God's power was beyond superior to all the power of dark forces combined.  So she desperately searched God to find out how in the world the dark forces were able to dominate and maintain the upper hand in her life.
        The irony is God had begun revealing the answer in 1989 but it wasn't until 2009 that He brought it all together. Though there's a great deal of preliminary truths she had to learn that went into her eventually walking out of the dominion of darkness, the turning point was when God revealed to Paula that the dark kingdom still had legal dominion over her despite being Christian. Enter: the spirit of python.
        It's now been a decade since Paula received the revelation about the spirit of python that expounded far beyond baseline teaching that the spirit of python's desire to keep children of God from praying and/or worshiping. The revelation gave keen insight into the spirit of python's background and the fuller picture to his agenda. And Paula's been teaching about this in depth ever since. But she discovered that providing this information about the spirit of python isn't fully effective in helping others come into their manifest freedom from darkness.  In fact, the revelation of the spirit of python and his strategies, his entire system, has only been a small part of how Paula personally came completely out from under the thumb of the dark kingdom.
        The mission of this ministry, therefore, is to provide all the lessons God personally taught Paula one on one. And though she has loaded this website and her paulacross.com site along with several books with ample teaching... and although she has spent many hours working directly with the oppressed, she found that it's just all too much information to put before people all at once and then walk away to the next person. In deed, since Holy Spirit is the one that leads people to the websites or books in the first place, she was confident He would take things from there and help them along their journey out of python's control.
        But in 2018 God instructed Paula to put together a one year program containing all the countless scripturally based teachings in an organized fashion as well as weekly emails and prayers and eventually webinars, that will more intricately help believers step by step through their journey into manifest freedom. The program is currently being developed and whoever signs up to be notified about its launching will be informed the moment it becomes available.
        However, regardless if people take the program or simply read all the info conveyed on the websites or in the books, the mission of this ministry is to be a tool God uses one way or another to effectively walk His sons and daughters out from the dominion of darkness.

Paula with her husband, Michael