Unveiling The Spirit Of Python
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Due to an overwhelming request for help, Paula Cross is currently building a deliverance program that was intended to be ready by 2018 but now should be before summer 2019. The program will provide ample teaching, check-point emails, prayer & eventually deliverance webinars. If you'd like to be notified when the program is launched, please 

No Donations
Over the years some people have asked how they can donate to this mission which led to the production of this page whereby Paula Cross did allow for donations. But her conviction is that the work she's put into delivering her message need only be supported via the purchasing of her materials.

All resources such as books and eBooks, the overcoming darkness program, and consultations are provided for a fee to pay for the work and costs involved in getting these paramount truths into the hands, hearts and souls of the Church.  Therefore, there is no need to give offerings to this ministry. Paula Cross believes offerings should primarily go towards caring for the widows and the orphans of the world. 

If you have been impacted by the teachings of this ministry and desire to show thanksgiving or honor to the Lord for what He's doing here, please do things like provide reviews at Amazon for Paula's books or email your testimony as to the impact they've had on you to:  report@paulacross.com.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS:  Another way to support this ministry is to pray and ask the Lord if He would have Paula Cross speak at your local church or Bible study. You can inquire by emailing Paula at visitus@paulacross.com

Thank you,

Paula Cross