Unveiling The Spirit Of Python
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Prayers Against Python
Prayers Against Python
H   O   L   D       O   N 

You cannot rebuke a prince you submit to!
You cannot cast out a minion you agree with!
          YESJesus gave us victory over all the works of the devil.  So then why are we Christians being tossed to and fro like rag dolls?  It's because the authority of Christ is our manifest reality only when we walk "in" Him.   The problem is we think that because we go to church, read the Bible, say our prayers, do good deeds or services, give financially to God and alms to the hungry, and keep from doing those obvious sins everyone gasps about, then we are cruising on God's path.  But the truth is most of us......are not.

              First of all, it's not any of these works that align us with God and His victory, it's our full submission - loving/revering/honoring God with all our heart, all our mind, all our soul and all our strength. Bottom line is we don't. Yes, we do with our minds and hearts but Python realized ages ago that if he can tangle up our souls and train them to perceive God falsely (like how you know God is there in your mind but you can't feel it - or you know God loves you in your mind and heart but you don't feel it - or you know the Bible says God cares about what you are going through and you believe it in your head and even in your heart, but your soul doesn't get it so every time a storm comes you feel alone and stranded, clueless that God is right there caring passionately.) Python knew that if he could manipulate how our soul perceives God then we would not be able to follow God with all our mind, heart, SOUL and STRENGTH. This became a top strategy - to get people in agreement with him at soul level because if he could keep half of us full of subconscious doubt despite our surface submission and heartfelt surrender to Christ, then we're double-minded. The Bible is clear. We must believe 100% - that includes our soul and strength. And the fact is we don't. We have been double-minded despite our passion for Jesus and this gives ground to python. And when parts of us are still in agreement with the dark kingdom, even unwittingly, we are in their territory and have no right demanding them to leave.  Since when do you go visit someone and command them to leave their own home?  That would be a joke and that's exactly how it works in the supernatural kingdoms.  What needs to happen is you need to find out how and where the enemy has your soul twisted. God WILL show you. He is EAGER to expose the deceptions that give the enemy power to mess with your life. And when He does, you simply need to be the one to leave the wrong territory of doubt, unbelief, rejection, abandonment, etc... And call your soul and strength into the complete redemption it has been granted since the day you asked Jesus to be your Lord.

               If you can't comprehend that your soul might be in agreement with darkness, consider these points:

  • Do we take all of our (negative,defeated) thoughts captive and bring them into the obedience of Christ the way we know the Bible says to? Do we resist the devil when he lies to us or do we buy into it and bow to the deception - responding to the garbage with self pity, bitterness, resentment or unforgiveness?
  • Do we rise up in self defense when offended/violated big or small? (Pride)
  • Are we sexually pure? (Do we "look", do we fantasize, do we self gratify? Are we provocative/immodest?)
  • Are we lovers of pleasure (food, entertainment, sex)
  • Are we vain?  Desperate to look good and have others know it?
  • Do we truly "believe" God loves us (do we "feel" it), not just know it in our heads?
  • Do we worry (even a little) about the things we will wear or eat (or bills or the future)?
  • Do we really trust God so much that the cares of the world roll off our backs?
  • Are we truly wearing the full armor of God like He tells us to?
  • Are we more eager to please our loved ones, friends, boss... than God?
  • Do we love ANYTHING more than God - such as our career, our desperation to succeed, our children, our exercising, our clean house, and yes - even our ministry or destiny? These all have a place, even prominence, but must not replace loving God. I call this sneaky idolatry because it is so hard to recognize.
  • Are we CERTAIN and fully KNOW God's love even in our souls so well that even if our worlds caved in around us and we were in agony, we would still praise Him and thank Him for His sovereignty, His perfection, His holiness ...despite the ugliness around us that He permits?

                         These are just a few areas we undermine or don't realize that we may be in agreement and operating in dark kingdom territory.  Not because we are insincere concerning our faith, but because these are deep seeded aspects of who we are that have been who we are most of our lives.  We have thought processes, like negative reactions to certain things, for example, that have been a part of us for years - even decades. We're kind of dumb in realizing so much of how we think or feel or behave is not right.  Of course, the Holy Spirit does bring things up.  But we'll listen concerning some things yet turn a deaf ear when He brings up others.

                  The spirit of python has ground in people's lives who yield to his father's ways such as feeling sorry for yourself if you were snubbed at work or for not feeling certain that God has your back in a given situation.  That's why Python can interfere with so much.  ​ Because you're in agreement with how he wants you to think!  So, when you rebuke him, it's a joke and he only lashes out worse.

                     Therefore, the first thing to do is GET OUT OF PYTHON'S TERRITORY.  Of course, we aren't aware of all the ways we're in agreement with him so what we need to do is go to God repentant and lamenting the fact that we know all of our being is not on right terms with Him.  And we need to ask God to reveal what we specifically need to renounce.

                    In the meantime, ask for His mercy and ever loving grace to pardon you for where you are still ignorant.  Plead the blood of Jesus over these unknown areas and ask Him to show you how to come out of the enemy's camp in every single aspect that you are.  Give God free reign to do whatever it takes to get you out of sync with evil at the subconscious, soul level.

                    Of course, we aren't ever going to be perfect.  But if the spirit of python has dominion, it's most likely because he has something in us. Remember - Satan had NOTHING in Jesus, meaning Jesus had nothing whatsoever in common with (agreement with) the devil.  Therefore Satan had no legal access, no grounds.  Imagine if Jesus, THE KING OF THE UNIVERSE WHO WAS THERE WHEN IT WAS SPOKEN INTO EXISTENCE, bowed to Satan while He was fasting those 40 days. THAT would have given the extremely inferior entity called Satan authority even over Jesus Christ, the Author of Life. Why else did he even try? Why was it recorded in scripture if it didn't matter. Of course, the Master of the Universe was not going to be overcome even despite His placing Himself into the weak and vulnerable condition of a fasting, non-glorified human. But Satan in his pride actually thought he might be able to overcome the Master since Master reduced Himself to weakness.  Boy, he must have really been confused wondering why the heck the Author put Himself into such a lowly, vulnerable state.  But he didn't care - he had to try to gain the authority legally by getting the Master to bow. And had Jesus done so, it would all be over.  The antichrist would already have taken over the entire earth. But that's another issue altogether. 

                  Back to the point, mankind has been given the ability to determine which power is released and made manifest in their lives - the glorious Almighty power of God or the lesser power of darkness.  Though Satan's is inferior, if we grant him authority, then he has it.  Period. And sadly, we can continue granting him authority unwittingly even if we purpose to follow Christ.

  So please realize the Bible means business when it says we must love and believe God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength. If we do not, the enemy has ground. Therefore, this is where you begin ridding python from your life.  NOT by rebuking him.  You get off of his property.  

For additional information on the spirit of python, please go to http://www.paulacross.com/Spirit-Of-Python.html