Unveiling The Spirit Of Python
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Due to an overwhelming request for help, Paula Cross has developed and finally launched a deliverance / discipleship program as of May 2019. The program provides over 100 teachings, Overcomer Checkpoints, weekly guidance emails and prayer coverage, and deliverance webinars (eventually) to bring believers out of defeat & into the full stature of Christ.. Find out more here:

  • lethargy
  • cycles of defeat
  • hopelessness
  • poverty
  • interference with opportunities
  • a sense of powerlessness
  • a sense of suffocation
  • a sense of limitation
  • feeling constricted
  • feeling trapped
  • feeling barricaded
  • feeling paralyzed/unmotivated
  • procrastination
  • lack of focus
  • lack of ambition
  • aimless/loss of vision/direction
  • indifference
  • apathy
  • consistent weariness
  • suicidal thoughts
  • isolation
  • depression
  • inability to pray
  • inability to worship
  • inability to study the Word of God


  • you feel inferior to peers
  • you feel plagued with inadequacy
  • you dislike or loathe yourself
  • you feel like you are a disappointment
  • you feel people think you're a loser
  • you often times don't feel love
  • you "know" God loves you, but don't relate
  • you are talented and intelligent but overlooked by employers
  • you do great things that don't amount to much
  • you strive to put your gifts to use but don't get very far
  • and though your mostly a positive person, you have moments of severe negativity


These are the types of ways python gets his hold on victims.  A good bit of his approach is through the people in our lives beginning at our births.  The more ground he has in their lives, especially in families, the more capable he is to inflict the following types of ongoing violations which strip us, to one degree or another, of our sense of well being, hope, trust, identity, etc. These make us susceptible to gradually being driven into the above states of condition - bound in python's chains:

  • repetitive rejection
  • belittling spirits
  • controlling, rigid spirits
  • intimidating spirits
  • manipulative spirits
  • condescending spirits
  • critical, squashing spirits
  • not being loved
  • lack of affirmation
  • not being believed in
  • being despised
  • being disappointed in
  • not being valued
  • neglect
  • abuse
  • repetitive loss
  • repetitive violations
  • repetitive injustice
  • repetitive trauma
  • repetitive destruction


Many people who live lives inundated with the characteristics listed above often times ALSO find themselves physically ill with things like hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, heart disease, clinical depression, diabetes, and more.  Python is not stupid.  The enemy knows he can bring people to illness via the above afflictions and he's counting on it.  Because not only will the victim be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually impotent, but their physical body will literally be incapacitated.  To make matters worse, these people are the ones who spend years going to doctors saying they don't feel well and go un-diagnosed.  Answers as simple as vitamin B12 deficiency or iron, or unstable cortisol levels, for just a few examples, would have helped them to feel better so that they might have had more fuel for the fight to victory.  These impairments on the physical body help python maintain his hold on the most devout Christians and keeps them going in endless circles of struggle.


Some people are chosen by God for purposes that pose a great threat to the dark kingdom.  But people aren't typically born with power from on high to do the darkness damage.  They have to find and possess the truths of God.  The enemy knows this so their job is to keep the chosen from discovering the power of God.  They especially have to shield them from experiencing the love of God - so that they won't trust Him down deep.  They have to invoke distress on the chosen so that they are dazed and confused wondering why the promises of God are lost to them - even though they really aren't.  The greater the call, the more defined and meticulous the dark kingdom sets up in that person's life beginning at their birth to interfere, violate, disillusion, confuse, and defeat them - in as much as they can according to the legal ground they already have through the forefathers.

You can be SURE you are chosen for a purpose that is threatening to the dark kingdom if you:

  • Are a seer - You have dreams, visions, and discerning of spirits
  • Are a hearer - You have dialogue with God, hear words from God, get download type revelation, have an inner knowing
  • Long to help people, long to feed the hungry, long to minster somehow, long to prophesy, long to see God's power loosed

​It may be overwhelming and seem complicating, but it's not... The spirit of python is more than a random constricting force.  He's a very pointed, strategic system meant to keep believers in Jesus Christ from tapping in to their inheritance. After years of communicating with countless victims of python, I have seen that most all have the symptoms listed above - with histories where very similar strategies were employed against believers since their youth. There's no coincidence. The spirit of python isn't just a demon running around causing trouble. It's an empire overseeing the constriction of the Church.    
Signs & Symptoms: Does the spirit of python have dominion over your life?
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