Unveiling The Spirit Of Python
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His Job
Just what is the Spirit of Python's Job?

    We must understand who the spirit of python is to understand his job. Briefly, the spirit of python is the namesake given to the false prophet. Is this in the Bible? Yes. We know Satan has a kingdom and all kingdoms are comprised of government and military systems, and their personnel. We also know that Revelations 16:13 reflects upon three kingpins (the dragon [Satan], the beast [antichrist], and the false prophet). And how in Revelations 13 John speaks about how the second beast (false prophet) gave breath and miracles to the first beast (antichrist) just like how the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus like a dove and empowered Him with miracles. These demonstrate the counterfeit "triunity" of Satan with his son (antichrist) and his false spirit and their version of making Satan god over all the earth through the work of his false spirit pointing the way to the false Christ - just as the Holy Spirit points us the way to Christ.
    Now where does it say in the Bible that the spirit of python is the namesake given to the false prophet? Acts 16:16 is where the Apostle Paul commands the spirit of python to come out of a woman that'd been following Paul and his ministry. The translations actually say spirit of "divination" but the original Greek says "pythos".  So there-in lies the revelation. We must ponder the entire picture of who Christ is, who His Spirit is and what He did, and compare it to the counterfeit agenda of the dark kingdom. Of course you have to dig a little into the origins of the spirit of pythos - which was the heart of a very powerful divination establishment called the Oracle of Delphi, which was well known by most everyone back in Paul's day. That's the spirit Paul was referring to. Well, when you consider who the "author" of this supernatural oracle must have been, you realize it's none other than the second beast - the false prophet, the author of the very power source of divination. Though this snake beneath the oracle was touted as the one through which all this power came, we know the false prophet is the source behind the snake's power. So Paul was actually commanding the false prophet to release and come out of the damsel that had been operating under his supernatural gifting. This is how I came to understand that the spirit Paul referenced was one and the same as the second beast - the false prophet. 
    We know that the false prophet's job mimics the Holy Spirit's job. The Holy Spirit is the breath in the believer, the power behind prophecies and miracles. He is the teacher and comforter. He is the guide and the one who illuminates the truth. Holy Spirit's ultimate mission is to reign in and through His children in the earth with all power and might - to bringing all mankind to the truth of their salvation through Christ Jesus. To the contrary, the false prophet is the power behind false prophecies and false miracles. He is the teacher of lies and he steals people's peace. He is the guide into idolatry and to all things false, and the one who veils the truth where he can get away with it. And He does all this to point the way to the antichrist. In fact, the false prophet's ultimate mission is to reign over all people of earth (including God's children) in power and might - to bringing all mankind to deception, dependency upon his authority and reign, and to worship his father the devil as god. Therefore, the false prophet's specific mission against the believers is to paralyze the power, breath, truth and ambition of God in them so that the powers of darkness are free to prosper throughout the earth. 
    So if you're a Christian, the spirit of python's job is to CONSTRICT YOUR BREATH, your power, your giftings, your call, and your destiny. His job is to strategically work in the lives of believers - even from their birth long before they are born again - to brainwash their souls into false beliefs, doubting God, fearing darkness, false ideas, insecurity, pride, self-preservation and self-dependence, and so much more, so that when they do pursue God they won't be fully connected to the truth (or firmly fastened/joined to God) on account of all the false things polluting their souls, and he'll maintain some measure of legal ability to constrict the breath of God in them - one way or another - to one degree or another.
    Now the breath, remember, is Holy Spirit and His supernatural power. This means the spirit of python's primary purpose for constricting your breath is to impede the gifting and power of Holy Spirit's work in and through you. But often times, many people of God experience physical manifestations of this constriction as well - from being choked by demons in their sleep to experiencing lethargy in their waking hours. The constriction shows up in their finances and even through sickness in their bodies. Not being able to worship or pray are two of the most common and obvious spiritual symptoms. But the truth is most believers who are actively worshiping and praying are constricted by the spirit of python as well. No, there may not be oppression in their lives or any evidence that the dark kingdom has dominion. They may not feel defeated in any way and they may even be serving in ministry. But how many believers do you know that resemble this depiction are not effectively casting out demons, are not healing the sick or fluently prophesying, performing miracles, or giving words of knowledge or wisdom to help the world around them? Let's face it... Most of us are not walking in the fullness of our true identities as heirs to the Kingdom of God. And it's not because "not everyone is gifted in the Gifts of the Spirit", no. That's a lie. Everyone that is born again is born into the supernatural Kingdom of God whereby the supernatural reality of the Holy Spirit is made alive and natural in them. 1 Corinthians 6:17 says, "But he who is joined (firmly fastened, cemented, glued) to the Lord is ONE SPIRIT with Him." If God is supernatural and can do all things, then so can ANY believer that has been reborn who fastened themselves to and became one spirit with the living, Almighty God. True, everyone is different but all believers are called to go and make disciples - which requires the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish through us. And this is only happening minimally. There are very few disciples in the world. Why? Because at this time (2018) the majority of the Church is constricted by the spirit of python. And how is this so? Via all sorts of strategies: false translations in scripture, false religions and doctrines in the "Christian" church, idolatry, false teachings (prosperity movement, traditionalism, chasing miracles movement, chasing the glory movement, etc), love of self (more idolatry), being conformed to the world (more idolatry), and the list goes on. The Holy Spirit strives in most churches to deliver truth to congregations and He does manage to get a few words in edgewise. But He's all too often shunned by a people that prefer tradition and programs over raw meat, entertainment, brief, watered-down, mediocre messages, teachings that tickle their ears to one degree or another, or whatever new thing the false prophet has to offer instead.
    But take heart because soon, all the lies and holds the false prophet has upon the Church will be dispelled and Holy Spirit is going to rise up in His children, finally, and we will do great works demonstrating His love and power to the world - bringing many into the flock and making disciples of them. The veil of the dark kingdom over the minds and souls, even the hearts, of the believers is being torn down as we speak. Praise God. Amen.